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RS milling technology

Milling: CNC-controlled and irrespective of material


In the RS milling technology area, the qualified RS specialists produce a clamped in place workpiece or semi-finished product by means of a rotating milling tool. The machining of the components is carried out on ultramodern machines irrespective of materials and in compliance with the strictest tolerances.

Precision has top priority at RS Rittel.


Quality, economy, adherence to schedules


Whether housing, cover or valves, by means of our CAM-supported milling centres, the component from your design / structure almost arrives directly in the machine – and the finished component reaches you.


Precise, fast and clean.


Modern CNC milling units coupled with professional know-how and decades of experience guarantee top quality, economical mode of production and adherence to schedules.


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Do you need further information?
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