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RS reworking

Reworked quickly, efficiently and cost-effective


The regeneration of components already used conserves not only the environment and resources but is also worthwhile economically.


By means of short delivery times of reworked components, the cost of production losses in the case of plant standstill is minimized.


Almost all components lend themselves to reworking; request our cost estimate.


Improved functionality, longer service lives


Minor damage to a bearing? A run-in O-ring?


For that, you do not have to remake the shaft completely!


We show you for each rework, by means of detailed cost estimate, solution possibilities which make your decision-making easier – reworking with RS coating systems or production of a new one at RS Rittel with an improved functional surface.


With the matching RS coating solution, we restore the functionality of the component and, in addition markedly extend the service lives of your components.

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Do you need further information?
+49 2043 97 34 0