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Our proven RS coating system RS-POLYGUSS™ is a composite material consisting of a hard phase and a corresponding resin as a matrix.

Different materials can be used both as the hard phase and as the matrix.

In close consultation with you, we select the respective components for your specific application. Depending on the requirement profile, we can use a wide variety of resins and particle sizes.

The RS-POLYGUSS™ is heat-resistant, chemical-resistant and highly wear-resistant!


Typical application examples for the use of our RS-POLYGUSS™: 

  • Pump components
    • housing
    • wear wall,
    • pressure cap,
    • impeller
  • Screw conveyors
  • Flue gas ducts
  • Atomizing discs
  • Container
  • chutes
  • Pieces of pipe
  • funnel etc.


So basically wherever corrosion or wear affects your processes! The RS-POLYGUSS™ is also ideal for the production of complete components using the casting process.

In this way, wheels can be optimally manufactured.


Application example Spiral housing (Fig. 3)


With this pump housing, the suction area was strongly affected by the driving mode and the medium.

The suction area was restored by the use of our RS-POLYGUSS coating system. The spiral was coated with 4mm.

The gap clearance on the slit ring of this pump was large enough, so that the slit ring could be coated by us, of course in close consultation with the customer.

Thus, by using our diffusion-proof coating, sub-corrosion can be excluded at this point.

All previously coated surfaces were then sealed with our RS-POLYGUSS.


Application example Feed boxes (Fig. 5)

Another example of the versatile industries in which our RS-POLYGUSSTM is used is the salt industry.

Here, for example, steel feed boxes were coated by us against wear and corrosion before use at the customer’s premises.

Inside, the components were lined with 10 – 20 mm wear-resistant coating, depending on the load area and in consultation with the customer.

Subsequently, the components were coated from the outside against the strong corrosion at the site of application and sealed with a layer thickness of 0. 5mm


Application example of corrosion coating (Figure 1)

For simple applications where abrasion wear plays a minor role, only a thin corrosion coating is possible.

The pump housing, as well as the corresponding suction cover and bearing carrier, were coated with our RS corrosion protection with a layer thickness of 0. 5 mm.

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