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Chemical industry

Coatings for problematic cases in the chemical industry


Increased wear due to corrosive and abrasive media as well as high reaction temperatures – above all in the chemical industry, components and plants are subjected to high stresses and loads.


Therefore plant components must be temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-adhesive.


Longer service lives and chemical resistance


Wear protection coatings from RS Rittel make valuable components more resistant to attacks by the most varied media.


They reduce wear and provide protection against corrosion – irrespective of the function of the component, whether pump shaft, agitator shaft, centrifuge shaft, or scraper shaft. Shaft sleeves, protective sleeve, bearing bushing, mechanical seal or cartridge seal, cover or housing.


Whether standard designs, wear-protection optimized versions or customized solutions – after detailed analysis together with your designers, we prepare a quotation adapted to your operating conditions.


Completely in accordance with your specifications.


Benefit from longer service lives and chemical resistance for extremely difficult production conditions in the chemical industry.


Contact us! We will find the best solution for your application.

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Products for the chemical industry

Mechanical seals


Cartridge seals






Bearing seats



Shaft sleeves







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