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High-velocity oxy-fuel flame spraying (HVOF)

For dense sprayed coatings


In the case of high-velocity oxy-fuel flame spraying gases such as propane, propene, ethylene, acetylene and hydrogen are continuously burned under high pressure within a combustion chamber. The powder-like spray additive is sprayed onto the base material to be coated.


Flame velocities in the supersonic range


The high pressure of the combustion gas/oxygen mixture and the downstream expansion nozzle generate the desired high flow velocity of the gas jet. Hence the spray particles are accelerated up to supersonic speed. That ensures an enormously dense coating with excellent adhesive properties.


In comparison to plasma spraying the spray powder fed in is heated up less, but accelerated all the more. Hence the spray additive is only slightly altered metallurgically, for example, in the formation of mixed carbides.


Dense spay coatings, high hardness, excellent adhesive property


High-velocity oxy-fuel flame spraying generates extremely thin coatings with high dimensional accuracy. Besides the high degree of hardness and the excellent adhesive property of the sprayed coating, HVOF ensures, moreover, good resistance to wear, corrosion resistance, low stress on the base materials and low porosity.

(1) Fuel gas/oxygen (2) Powder + conveying gas (burner nozzle with or without water cooling (4) Fuel gas/oxygen flame and spray particles (5) workpiece. Source: GTS e. V.


HVOF in use: sliding surfaces, rollers, petrochemical and chemical machines


HVOF is, among other things, suitable for the sliding surfaces of steam irons, rollers for the photographic industry, parts for petrochemical and chemical machines, for example pumps, slide valves, ball valves and mechanical seals as well as for much more.


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