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RS coatings

High-quality solutions for all cases


Reduce wear and corrosion in your plants. Cut maintenance costs and conserve resources.

Discover innovative and high-quality coating solutions for every RS Rittel application.


Tailor-made coating processes


Whether atmospheric plasma spraying, high velocity oxy-fuel flame spraying, powder flame spraying or wire flame spraying – also for the most complex surface applications we provide you with coating systems based on ultramodern technologies, combined with decades of experience and know-how at the highest level.


1. Winner of the René Wassermann Award


RS Rittel has for a long time been supporting technical developments in the field of thermal spraying:


As early as 1999 we were the first company to be distinguished for our proven success with the renowned René Wasserman Award – named after René Wasserman, the pioneer in the fields of welding technology and thermal spraying.


See for yourself:


together with our technical consultants we will find the optimum coating process for your application.


Tailor-made for your requirement.

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Do you need further information?
+49 2043 97 34 0

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Do you need further information?
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