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Water and waste-water technology

For the best water quality


Water is our most important food. The water supply must be secured, and water cleaning must be efficient. In water and waste-water technology large quantities of water are continuously processed – high demands are made on the components. Since the composition of the media can trigger not only trigger corrosion, but also erosion or abrasion, since solid contaminants often have to be conveyed. The consequence is standstill and costly repairs.


Increase service lives, cut maintenance costs


Reduce wear and protect your components from corrosion by aggressive compounds. Subsequently increase the service lives and cut your maintenance costs with RS high-performance coatings of shafts aves, shaft sleeves, rollers, mechanical seals, cartridge seals, bearing seats, bearings, housings, valves, pumps and agitators.


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Products for the water and waste-water technology

Mechanical seals


Cartridge seals




Valve components


Bearing flanges



Shaft sleeves




Bearing sleeves


Bearing bushes

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