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Mechanical production

Cutting metal machining for surface treatment


Whether turning, milling or grinding – for coating systems to function, pre-machining and post-machining play a central part.


We handle the machining of RS coating systems in our own company or through examined partner companies.


Precision from the word go


Our production specialists handle the mechanical pre-machining of your components on conventional and CNC-controlled machine tools. By means of high-precision work, they ensure outstanding results in all our processes of surface coating. The parts to be coated are prepared with the greatest care for the respective process.


Subsequently, the surfaces are post-machined by us in our own company for the application-specific surface requirements.


Service all around your component all from one and the same source


Rely also in cutting metal machining on the professional machining of your components completely according to your needs and on the best all-round service from RS Rittel.


We would be pleased to answer in detail all your questions about our services in metal machining and on our thermal spraying processes.

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Do you need further information?
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