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Onshore and offshore industry

High-performance coatings onshore and offshore


On the drilling rig or in the harbour – sea, wind, waves, salt, UV radiation

Onshore and offshore activities make the highest demands on the corrosion-resistance of materials used.


Coating systems must exist with long service lives in the challenging climate, since the places of use often do not permit any short maintenance intervals.


For demanding environments: protection from corrosion and wear


From the hydraulic systems via pneumatic systems as far as storage in heavy production facilities – the range of onshore and offshore applications is extensive.



RS Rittel supports you in your choice of matching materials and the coating systems for pumps, valves, valve balls, valve seats or hydraulic units.


Our select materials and high-quality RS coatings and system solutions meet all the demands made on components and materials for protection against wear and corrosion.


Together with you we lay down, with reference to the PREN(Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) values, the materials to be used for seawater-resistant corrosion and wear protection.


Cut maintenance costs, avoid unnecessary downtimes and prolong the service lives of your plants.

Get in touch with us, we will find the optimum solution for your application.


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Products for the onshore and offshore industry

Mechanical seals


Cartridges seals




Valve stems


Valve seats



Shaft sleeves


Guide bushes


Valve balls


Valve adjustments

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