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Industrial services

Reliability and quality of industrial plants


As an industrial service company, you know the needs of plant operators. Industrial planned have to be not only planned, constructed, but also operated, maintained and modernized – a strategic challenge and task.


Major success factors of technical plants are that they must function efficiently, productively and availably at all times – that makes high demands on components and materials as regards reliability and quality.


High-performance coating systems for every requirement


From filling plants via pumps, agitators as far as centrifuges – RS coating systems regenerate components without having to opt for expensive and time-consuming production of new parts.


Whether a bearing seat, a sealing seat or other functional surface – for every requirement we have the matching high-performance coating system.


Unscheduled standstill? The RS Fixx service in your area!


We know the challenges of unforeseeable machine and plant downtimes. Due to our high production depth we will also support you in the case of unplanned standstills with the RS Fixx service. Hence, we are quickly there where you need us – namely close to you!


Increase service lives, reduce wear and corrosion and safeguard your production capability: RS Rittel is your partner in all situations.


Contact us, we will find the best solution for your application.


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