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Food industry

Food-grade coating systems


Chocolate, fruit seeds and other abrasive media are very rough on the machine parts in the food industry. Our food-grade coating systems provide, especially for the food industry, application-orientated solutions for all process requirements.


Food-grade coatings


Abrasion, corrosion, component contacts, shaft run-in marks due to sealing rings and frequent changes of antifriction bearings – we counter the challenges in the food area with high-quality, food-grade coatings.


These are used, for example, in ice-cream, beverage and margarine production: on regenerative pumps, cutter shafts, beater shafts, cartridge seals, shaft sleeves, pistons, guide rods, rollers, valves, screw conveyors, mechanical seals, media distributors, filling units, distributor contact surfaces and on shafts for all common pump types.


RS coating systems: RS-K64L and RS-A90HL


Our food-grade coating systems RS-K64L and RS-A90HL make sealing, sliding and friction surfaces on rotating and oscillating machine parts of your plants highly wear-resistant to surface wear and stresses.


In that way, for example, with our RS-K64L coating system a mechanical seal does not “get stuck” in the case of sticky fluids: the O-ring can go on sliding in spite of the fluid’s adhesive effect and hence bring the rotating unit of the seal into position without any problems.


Longer running times and durability of the components


The result is longer running times and durability of the components, avoidance of production losses and savings with repair costs.

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