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RS sealing technology

Your trusted sealing partner


In all production areas, mechanical seals and cartridge seals must be tight and stable.


Only in this way do they ensure reliable.


As your trusted sealing partner, we find the best solution for your application in sealing technology – by means of analysis, reworking, new production and design.


Defective seals? We will find the fault!


Mechanical seals or cartridges are not?


Do not hesitate to send us defective seals for examination.


If required, our technical advisers also assist you on the spot.


We analyse your operating conditions systematically – and hence jointly with you with lay down the demands made on the seal.


Reworking mechanical seals and producing new ones


Why use new mechanical seals if we can replace or repair individual components?


Usually the reworking of seals is possible, and also economically meaningful.


We restore the functionality of mechanical seals or cartridge seals.


Your advantages: fast response times and hence shorter standstills:


- Stockage of industrial hard coals as well as other sliding surface materials of all qualities


- Stockage of common secondary seals made of many materials


- Your own production of worn-out parts


If the reworking of a seal is uneconomical, we make one new for you to restore the functionality of your plants.


Since spare parts are not easy to procure, particularly for older units.


In a detailed cost estimate, we explain the effort involved in reworking which serves as a decision-making basis for you:


Reworking or production of new parts by RS Rittel.


Customized and design-related seal solutions


If standard material combination does not meet the requirements of your application case, we use optimized materials.


An improvement of the design of your seals by us is also possible.


Whether single or double-acting or in fact a cartridge seal – jointly with your experts we adjust mechanical seals to your needs.


Discover the comprehensive seal service provided by RS Rittel – your seal partner.



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Do you need further information?
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