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Wire flame spraying (WFS)

Flame spraying with wire


Flame spraying with wire is a widespread process with a very high sprayed layer quality standard. Wire flame spraying is suitable for components that are exposed to corrosion and high mechanical stress.


The process: high spraying rates, low gas consumption


In wire or rod flame spraying, the wire-shaped spray additive in the metal spraying device is continuously melted in an oxy-acetylene flame. With the help of atomizing gas, for example, compressed air or nitrogen, the drop-shaped spray particles are displaced from the melting area. Through the velocity of the air flow in the gas flame, the particles are accelerated onto the component surface.


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(1) Oxy-acetylene (2) Wire or rod (3) Burner nozzle (4) Oxy-acetylene flame and spray articles (5) Workpiece

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