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RS engineering

We optimize your layer systems


Due to our many years of experience in mechanical and plant engineering, we optimize your existing layer systems and adapt them to your respective application – completely in keeping with your requirements.


On the basis of your samples, sketches or drawings we produce from the most varied materials every component requested within the tolerances required.


Also, the repair of already worn out or corroded components is handled by us. In that way you avoid expensive new production


Customized, resource conserving, inexpensive


Wherever standard material combinations do not meet your requirements, we optimize your personal application – on a customized, resource conserving and inexpensive basis.


For that purpose, we use new materials – whether for the sealing surface combination of mechanical seals or for the improvement of the service lives of your systems.


For this, we use ultramodern materials and RS coating systems.


The RS engineering area supports you in increasing the efficiency in your production.


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Do you need further information?
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