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FAQ letter of application

FAQ Application letter


Is a written application letter important?


Through an application letter, you have the opportunity to give the employer a better picture of yourself than just with your CV. In addition, the motivation behind the application can only be presented in a letter of application. Yes, an application letter is therefore important, so that a better overall impression can be conveyed by you!


What's in the application letter anyway?


The role of a letter of application is to show that you are the right person for the job. So all the relevant arguments for you are part of an applciation. "Why am I applysing for this job in this very company?" is a question that not only explains the motivation behind it, it also shows that one has dealt with the company. Qualifications, professional experience and personality are all aspects that should be listed in a letter of applicatiom. If possible, the qualifications, etc. be brought directly into place. You want to be as attractive as possible for the job!


What is the structure of an application letter? 


Typically, a letter of application follows the following structure:




Why exactly this company?

Why exactly this position?

What is the current professional situation?


2. Main part


Why am I the right person for this position?

What requirements do I meet?

What additional qualifications do I have?

What connection can I make between my previous experiences and the company/job) (Important!)


3. Conclusion


Summary of the main facts

Early possible start date

To show courtesy that you are ready for an interview

Thank you for having complied with the application documents


How do I connect to the company?


In order to establish a connection or successfully eastablishing a relationship with the company requires extensive research. On the website you can often find fields of activity, products or services. This can be linked to your professional qualifications and experiences. To establish a personal connection, you can also look at topics like "About us", "Our philosophy" or similar. You can learn similiar ideologies and values in this way.


What formalities must be taken into account in a letter of application?


Font, unobtrusive, easy-to-read font (e.g.: Arial, Times New Roman, ...).


Font size


We recommend font sizes between 10 and 12. In case of headings, slightly larger font sizes can also be selected.


Line spacing


It is suitable for a simple line spacing. The distances between paragraphs should be set to 0pt. 


Length of an application letter


A maximum length of one DIN A4 page is recommended, as this improves clarity and compactness. Better short and crunchy than long and boring!


Position of the date


The date should be inserted between the recipient address and the subject line.


Signing the application letter


Application letter is any form (e-mail, online, post) must be signeed in the end according to the greeting formular.


PDF file


All application documents must be combined into a PDF file.