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Power and energy

Full of energy: waste disposal and power plant industry


The demands made on corrosion protection for components in power plants and waste incineration plants are extremely high. Process engineering plants must be protected for use in a highly corrosive and chemically aggressive environment so that the service life and operating performance remain ensured.


By means of exact adaptation, our high-quality materials and RS coatings withstand the heavy-duty work in power generation. Our special range: repair, production and optimization of nozzles, nozzle lances, atomizer discs, shafts, shaft sleeves, impellers, housings, ash closing cones, transfer tubes and flow controllers.


Customized system solutions


We optimize existing systems and adapt system solutions on a customized basis. Reduce downtimes and cut your costs – with complete components such as nozzle systems, atomizer discs and control valves for denitrification and flue gas desulphurization.


Improve the chemical resistance – with a special selection of material combinations: geometrical, design changes for the optimization of flow patterns, for the simplification of maintenance work, for the elimination of handling problems and for weight reduction.


Whether nozzle, lance, protective tube and protective sleeve or atomizer disc, protective insert and drive shaft, we will be pleased to additionally handle the reworking and repair of these components as a special service for you.


Everything from one and the same source: benefit from our solutions and from our convincing product quality.


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Products for the waste disposal and power plant industry

Mechanical seals


Cartridge seals




Nozzle lances


Atomizer disc



Shaft sleeves


Volume regulators




Protective tubes

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